Where to buy synthetic urine in Ipswich Queensland

 Where to Buy QUick FIx Synthetic Urine in Ipswich Queensland


What Forms of Synthetic Urine Are Available on the Australian Market?

There are a few different forms of synthetic urine. It can come in its usual liquid form but also in concentrated and powdered form as well. Concentrated form can be liquid and gel as well as paste and is stored in a special receptacle. However, no matter the form of synthetic urine, it is stored separately if there is a heater activator in the kit. What refers to powdered form, it is usually supposed to be mixed with water and then heated as well if necessary prior to use. Here at Synthetic Urine Australia, we stock only the premixed, ready to go genuine products for your convenience and peace of mind. We are proud to by Australia Post Express Post Network to Ipswich 4305, Queensland.


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