Where to buy synthetic urine in Gold Coast Queensland

 Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Gold Coast Queensland


For many years Synthetic Urine Australia has been shipping same day, every single business day to the Gold Coast area and its surrounds. For a company you can trust to get your sample to you ASAP, purchase here! Simply click the image above. 

What Synthetic Urine Is Made of?

Synthetic urine is made to replicate human urine in all respects. This guarantees that the natural and inorganic substances present in human urine are also present in the synthetic sample of a reputable product.

It is essential for synthetic urine to have particular temperature. By and large it is something around 90-100°F. An alternate essential component is gravity that should be around 1.00-1.035. pH level ought not be lower than 4 and high than 9. In the long run, the substance of aggregate solids ought to be around 1.5-6% as per the heaviness of a specimen. In this way,  the primary parts of synthetic urine are creatinine urea and water.

Synthetic Urine Australia ship express post to Gold Coast 4217 and surrounding areas.


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