Where to buy synthetic urine in Adelaide South Australia 5000

Buy Synthetic Urine Adelaide Australia


Quick Fix synthetic urine
Breakthroughs in science have enabled toxicology professionals to deliver true toxin free unisex Quick Fix samples produced for both guys and girls.  With years of proven results and thorough laboratory testing we have created the only true undetectable lab grade fake urine for the Australian market place. The Quick Fix range of synthetic products are known worldwide for their effectiveness and positively promoted and reviewing all over the web. Every urine kit produced in our lab is unique because it under goes a complete analysis with state of the art equipment prior to dispatch. Every synthetic urine sample produced is accurately balanced with the following human like structure. Samples include specific Ph Balance levels, common creatinine levels,  gravity, uric acid, color, and foam.
Why choose Synthetic Urine Australia ?
With current drug testing procedure effecting approximately 55% of the Australian work force it is important to be sure you obtain a genuine product that works. Old methods such as taking niacin pills and drinking excess water will no longer work as labs identify your specimen as diluted, and fail you ask for a retest. Place your trust in an authorised distributor only, such as Synthetic Urine Australia. We are proud to offer australia wide express shipping, including to Adelaide SA 5000.


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