Where to buy synthetic urine in Wellington

 Where to Buy QUick FIx Synthetic Urine in Wellington New South Wales


 Sameday, overnight Express shipping by Australia Post to the following locations:


Wellington NSW 2820

Wellington Point QLD 4160

Wellington SA 5259

Wellington Mill WA 6236

Wellington East SA 5259

Wellington Vale NSW 2371

Wellington Forest WA 6236

Lake Wellington VIC 3851

Wellington Park TAS 7054


Q. How can I achieve the perfect body temperature when preparing my fake urine sample

Option 1. The fastest preparation method. Microwave the solution for approximately 10 seconds or until the temperature strip is indicating between 90-99°F. If the temperature falls below the safe zone of 90-99°F, that's okay. From here you can shake the heat pack which is provided with all Quick Fix samples and attach it to the bottle in order to bring the urine back within the desired temperature range. You should also ensure to keep the bottle close to a warm part of your body in order to keep the heat in.  For males, keeping it close to the underwear will work like a charm. For females, the bra or underwear is recommended. We recommend that you never keep the urine in your pocket when attending the testing premises as these are subject to search. Please note that the acceptable range for urine sample acceptance in all Australian labs is between 90-99°F, so you have significant wiggle room when handing your sample over

Option 2. The slow preparation method. This method is usually used by people who do not know when their urine test will be and simply prefer to carry around the sample on their person. Remove the Quick Fix urine bottle from the packaging and wrap the heat pack to the back of the bottle as advised above, on the opposite side of the temperature strip.  Store the bottle in your pants or leg; any type of body heat will help to accelerate the heating process. If you are able to store bottle on you, the synthetic urine will take approximately 45 minutes to reach the temperature range. When arriving to the test facility or when taking the screen cup to the bathroom, ensure to follow the methods above and give the bottle a quick shake to ensure some foam and bubbles appear.



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