Where to buy synthetic urine in Gerringong New South Wales

 Buy Synthetic Urine in  Gerringong New South Wales

Q. What is the shelf life on Quick Fix urine?

A. Quick Fix has a standard time span of usability of 2 years which is the longest of any synthetic urine sold. Encased in every container, you will discover a green instruction manual. This is imperative in light of the fact that it contains both your headings and your assembling date also. The batch number or assembling date of your fake pee is found on the upper left-hand side of the bearings, and won't be discovered any place on the container. This unique code will ensure us to let you know how old your specimen is and when it is situated to expire. We exceedingly prescribe that you check your group before every use. In the event that you have to affirm your batch number, we recommend that you contact Spectrum Labs to do as such. By affirming your batch number on your Quick Fix test, you will dispose of the likelihood of any Quick Fix fakes or counterfeits


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