Where to buy synthetic urine in Canberra Australian Capital Territory

 Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Canberra ACT


If you live in or near Canberra and need to acquire a genuine Quick Fix synthetic urine sample ASAP then be sure to shop at Synthetic Urine Australia. We have been operating in the Australian landscape with great success for many years, and are proud to post express overnight shipping to most locations Australia wide. Don't miss out, click the image above now to buy and ensure next day delivery.
Q. Is the 60ml bottle of Quick Fix enough for one test?
A. Yes, the 60ml bottle of synthetic urine will fill a standard testing cup exactly to the line which is the universal required minimum volume. The Quick Fix Plus version that we also offer has an additional 30ml of liquid and will fill the testing cup well and truly over the line which is recommended in case of accidental spillage.


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