Prosthetic penises, fake urine used to fool drug tests at Queensland mine sites, police say

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ABC have posted an article on their website regarding the use of synthetic urine products on Queensland minesites. The article highlighted the dangers of allowing employees to work in dangerous occupations where impaired judgement could cause serious injury to themselves or their fellow workmates and products such as Quick Fix and the Monkey Dongs make it near impossible to catch out these employees. Synthetic Urine Australia in no way endorses the use of any illicit substance while working in dangerous environments and completely agree with the opinion of the people in the article. We do not ever endorse people working while actually being affected by any sort of substance. That being said - some substances which will impair someone for 12 hours may be detectable in the body for up to 60 days. In this situation work places should really adopt oral testing to accurately detect workers affected by drugs at time of test and the use of Synthetic Urine in these situations is only serving to protect ones privacy of what they do in their own spare time. 

Remember guys, if you want to work while high on anything, mining is not the job for you. Alyse Edwards 25/06/2015




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