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DRUG testing for the unemployed and the suspension of payments to people with outstanding arrest warrants are two options to be debated in a major overhaul of welfare.   The Abbott Government has confirmed it is looking closely at New Zealand’s welfare system, which includes a hardline approach to drug use. The New Zealand model strips welfare recipients of half their payments if they fail a job-required drug test or refuse to submit to one. They are then given 30 days to get clean. Those who continue to use drugs or refuse to take a job that requires testing are...

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ABC have posted an article on their website regarding the use of synthetic urine products on Queensland minesites. The article highlighted the dangers of allowing employees to work in dangerous occupations where impaired judgement could cause serious injury to themselves or their fellow workmates and products such as Quick Fix and the Monkey Dongs make it near impossible to catch out these employees. Synthetic Urine Australia in no way endorses the use of any illicit substance while working in dangerous environments and completely agree with the opinion of the people in the article. We do not ever endorse people working...

Read more "More than $1.3 million has been spent upgrading WA Police’s drug testing capabilities through the purchase of 20 Dräger drug analyser machines. The new machines will be available to regional officers as well as metropolitan cops. The $1.3 million has also been spent on new mouth swab kits which can give officers preliminary drug test results in just 3-5 minutes. “The enhanced capability to conduct drug tests and apprehend drug driving offenders will contribute to the reduction of people killed and seriously injured in crashes that involve drug impaired drivers,” WA Police said in a statement issued today. Drivers...

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